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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re undergoing something of a transformation here at Mythaxis.

Our Spring issue coincided with the podcasting at Upbeat Tales of Emma Burnett’s Friends in High Places, and subsequently one of our other contributors, Micah Hyatt, reached out with an audio version of his story, Nightshade Memory, and asked if we’d like to platform it directly. We tried not to snatch it from his hand too eagerly, and you can hear it at the link right now.

But don’t click too quickly. In the conversation around making that happen, we learned that Micah had narrated and produced the recording in a home studio he’d set up himself – impressive – and upon our shamelessly asking whether he’d also like to do audio versions of all our stories we were equal parts surprised and delighted when he immediately said, “Yes.” Since then he’s been busy recording the accompaniments for Issue 38, the first of which is live right now, with more to follow on a weekly basis.

We were planning to include a short interview with Micah in this editorial, but it turned out to be far too interesting to be buried in here, so instead you can find it closing out the issue alongside the stories he’ll be progressively giving voice to. Therefore, let’s cut this one short – there’s more than enough going on in the magazine itself this quarter.

Until next time, happy reading… and listening!

Andrew Leon Hudson

Author image of Andrew Leon Hudson Andrew is a technical writer by day, and is technically a writer by night as well. In addition to editing Mythaxis he has been published in a small handful of quality zines, and co-authored a serialised alternate history adventure novel. He lives in Barcelona, Spain, and doesn’t do things online often enough to count.

ISSUE 38Thanks and Salutations! As always, many thanks go out to our latest generous cover donor, Tarik Keskin, a concept and environmental artist from Istanbul, Turkey, for permission to reproduce his image Plant Workshop 2221. He goes by Siamon89 on Deviant Art where you can see more of his designs, and you can contact him about work here.