About Mythaxis

Established in 2008 by Gil Williamson, Mythaxis has always been focused on the fiction, with as little distraction as possible - no ads, no clutter, just words on the page to transport you somewhere else.

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Andrew Leon Hudson - Editor

Andrew is a technical writer by day, and is technically a writer by night as well. In addition to editing Mythaxis he has been published in a small handful of quality zines, and co-authored a serialised alternate history adventure novel. He lives in Barcelona, Spain, and doesn’t do things online often enough to count.

Marty Steer - Digital Huperson

Marty is a human-like person who emerged from a Digital Humanities Research Hub at the School of Advanced Study. He likes messing about with humanities data, minimal computing and I also enjoy liminal ideas.

Micah Hyatt - the Voice of Mythaxis

Micah is a veteran soldier, freight train conductor, and graduate of the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction MFA program. His fiction has been published all across the web, and his light-hearted zombie survival novella, Eating the Exhibits, is available through Amazon. He narrates and produces the audio-format of the Mythaxis stories.

The Story Oracle - Fictional Genius

Blessed with guru-like serenity, the Story Oracle graciously bestows their wisdom on such editors as who climb to the peak of Slush Mountain and ask, “Is this thing as good as I think it is?” Occasionally, the answer is comprehensible.