Autumn 2022

Sydney Sackett

Boy with Brick

People always seem to make a big deal about 'stories with a twist', but there are other ways for an ending to have impact. In this taut tale of interminable gladiatorial torment, Sydney Sackett gives us something a little different: a story that leads you down a path of expectation, only for it to prove maybe not to be the path you thought it was.

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The Gourmets

Jeff Reynolds
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There's supposed to be nothing quite like a good, satisfying meal, but Jeff Reynolds has an appetite-whetting recipe to defy that claim: take one very odd pear — excuse me, 'pair' — and marinate in mixed fantasy, sprinkle on a little humor, add a dash of horror, and then raise the steaks to boiling point — I mean 'stakes' — ah, enough with the puns, you get the idea…


Chinaza Eziaghighala
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Chinaza Eziaghighala is like one of those mysterious particles with strange asymmetry: at first glance she is a medical doctor; she turns, and is a filmmaker; turns again, and writes speculative fiction. In this latter orientation she unveils a series of encounters of the most intense kind, at first ecstatic, but all too soon horrific. Warning: this story contains sexual and violent content.

Tyrannosaurus Mechs

Gregory L. Norris
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Six issues ago, Gregory L. Norris graced our pages with a succinct and sly contemporary horror that skewered the fashion scene, more or less literally. His latest story is a trip to a distant future that evokes a distant past, and it boasts the very highest of high-concept titles.


Si Wang
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Taking its title from Edward Hopper's iconic 1942 painting, Si Wang's story jumps ahead a hundred years or so and drops us into a dystopia of urban and social decay that is, perhaps, just a bio-technological breakthrough or two away from being entirely plausible.

The School for the Hopeless and Forgotten

Anna Zumbro
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High school kids have long been struck with envy at the status of their peers, but Anna Zumbro poses a really thorny question: How much worse would it be if, instead of your social media feed telling you everyone else's life was that much more super, it was on the curriculum?

Tip Diebæck’s Mentha b. Wild

Marc Phillips
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There's a theme in US culture about survivalism, about defending what's yours, from other citizens or the state itself. Marc Phillips' story seems to be one man's oral recounting of just such a future-history, but it might be the exact opposite of that, in one sense at least.