Andrew Leon Hudson

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Welcome to the new-look Mythaxis!

When this magazine came into existence, it was created from the code up by original editor Gil Williamson, and if you ask our new webmaster he’ll tell you in some ways it was ahead of its time. And on the surface he created, the magazine’s philosophy was one of simplicity and focus on the fiction: no advertising or other unnecessary distractions from what readers came here for, aside from a few complementary homemade images to accompany each contribution.

Twelve years have passed since then, and the ways people read online have become flexible in ways Gil’s code isn’t best able to meet. We decided it was time to bring things a little more up-to-date, so now you should find our select fiction exceedingly mobile device-friendly. You’ll also find our overall style has become a little more contemporary, but we’re still keeping the focus squarely on the stories, no matter the trappings.

And to celebrate our new skin, we have all new meat on the bone as well! Skye Allen, Daniel Ausema, Chris Cook, Micah Hyatt, Andrew Johnston, Anya Josephs, Andrea Kriz, Moustapha Mbacké Diop, Dennis Mombauer and Jeffery Scott Sims all make shiny debuts on our pages - and that old bone is our historical cartoonist, Liam Baldwin, with some typically cheeky pensmanship.

So, we hope you enjoy the new style - but more, the same commitment to varied, entertaining storytelling that we mean to carry on for another twelve years.

Andrew Leon Hudson

Author image of Andrew Leon Hudson Andrew is a technical writer by day, and is technically a writer by night as well. In addition to editing Mythaxis he has been published in a small handful of quality zines, and co-authored a serialised alternate history adventure novel. He lives in Barcelona, Spain, and doesn’t update his website or use twitter very often.

ISSUE 23 - Thanks and Salutations!

In addition to this issue’s talented contributors, we’d like to express our particular thanks to “cover” artist Huy Tran Viet, a freelance concept/illustration artist from Danang, Vietnam, for granting permission to use his striking image, Green Fields. You can see more of his work at DeviantArt and ArtStation.

And special gratitude is reserved for our Webmaster, Marty Steer, who has not only struggled valiantly behind the scenes on the magazine’s stylish transformation, but is largely responsible for new issues being able to come out at all. We hope you’ll agree his hard work is being put to good use!