Sketches of Snoak City

Les Sklaroff

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Editor’s note: a change from our normal fare this time!

While in years gone by Les Sklaroff’s excursions have come to us one by one, we’ve now created a dedicated home for them all, creating a sort of guidebook in the process. Connections between the people and places that make up this unusual metropolis were hard to spot when spread out across years, but now they (and the rich language that renders them) can be found side by side on the page, conveniently bound for the traveller’s benefit.

In real life, Les was a long-time friend of Mythaxis' dearly departed creator Gil Williamson. While the individual stories are still in place across our archive of back issues, I’m sure Gil would be happy to see them compiled and complementing each other as they now are. And this Who’s Who and Where’s Where is far from completed—in future editions, the sketches boasted of on that cover will be more than merely figurative…

In the meantime, if you’d like a personal tour of the strangest corners a strange place has to offer, we invite you to peruse:

Sketches of Snoak City

Orbit-sml ><

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Les Sklaroff

Author image of Les Sklaroff Les Sklaroff read science fiction from an early age, and though he’s now old enough to know better the habit is hard to break. Born in London, educated at the University of Edinburgh, he worked for an antiquarian bookseller before teaching for ten years, then moved to the Isle of Wight and became an independent bookseller, specialising in Mervyn Peake, illustrated books, and modern first editions.

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