August 2012 edition (issue 11)

EditorialGil Williamson
Welcome to the August 2012 edition of Mythaxis.

The Smile of Paeony 3rdfieldLes Sklaroff
Acacia albida owners - BEWARE.

Dundro Fappit's MistakeLes Sklaroff
Not to be confused with the Legend of Red-beard and the Chiming Bones. Oh, no.

Something QuirkyLes Sklaroff
Charles Atlas has a lot to answer for.

Hoolocks and HellionsLes Sklaroff
Book Launch - 3rdField style

Foroquont's MazeLes Sklaroff
Be very careful where you tread!

MindbleedAndrew Leon
It's everyone's right to change their mind, surely.

Sailing to TarshishMartin Clark
The Prophet Jonah was sailing to Tarshish when he had his "accident".

Unclear ConscienceMartin Clark
Don't speak to strangers in bars. Please.

The Tale of God's FlotsamTom Davies
Have Heep and Fangles met their match this time?

Ghosts and AliensJohn A. Frochio
Very short, very chilling.

Beyond the SkyLiam Baldwin
The Only Way Out?

A Natural SelectionMatthew Kirshenblatt

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