February 2010 edition

Neurofinancer Twilite Minotaur
His sensorineural simulation warped with the distortion of the manipulated "free" market. His mouth filled with the aching taste of bullshit.
The Tale of the Ten Teacups Tom Davies
Much can be accomplished in the occult line with a few readily obtainable ingredients.
Warriston's Disease Gil Williamson
Some secrets ought not to be shared.
The Skylark of Space E.E. (Doc) Smith
Ahhh! Classic Pulp SF from the master of the corny sf tale. Note the "dusky" assistant, the "Dick, old top" form of address, the illustration of space adventure with rivets and galvanometers in evidence. It's not a bad tale, really, unless you feel the writing is so bad you can't read it. Nevertheless, Skylark was hugely popular in its day and is now available in Gutenberg. Just to whet your appetite, here is the beginning of the story, and you can see that he gets right into the action.
A Rambling Editorial Gil Williamson
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