April 2008 edition

Some Future Date Callum Graham
Dating in the risk-averse age
Red Fever Peter Morrison
Almost poetry, this study of experimental subjects under pressure.
Eat, Monster Blue Bottle Belinda A. Taylor
When you're driving and tired, there's nothing like a hitchhiker to wake you up.
The American Book of the Dead Chris Lites
This piece is very much a homage to William Gibson, but it is an experience all of its own. Rich brown writing, this.
Emigration Liam Baldwin
Emigrate! Get a new life!
Voyage to the Moon Lucian (Loukianos)
Lucian was a Syrian author, born about the year 120 AD. This translation is by Thomas Francklin, an English cleric, in the eighteenth century. Just a short extract from Lucian's early work in the sf field. He refreshingly confessed to being a liar, which boast, I feel, is amply borne out. The tale, which runs to a very large number of words, is characterised by a very lively imagination, assisted by Greek mythology and Homeric sagas, as you will see, and forms the origin of many later fantasies from Bergerac to Swift.

Underlined sections deliver a pop-up commentary.
New Frankfurt Gil Williamson
When a financial market becomes a city state, the consequences may be shocking.
From The Editor Gil Williamson
Something of an excuse for an editorial.

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