February 2008 edition

Log of the Mustang Sally - Turner Gil Williamson
On the vast generation ship, Mustang Sally, an experiment goes wrong. It is decades before the ship will reach any habitable part of the galaxy, and something is loose on the ship.
Hector Gil Williamson
Oh, these ideas we get on holiday. They seldom turn out as we expect.
Green Bullet Melanie Manner
The flashy green bullet shows that he has logged on... but in the world of instant messaging, things aren't always what they seem.
Troubles With Word Matthew Kirshenblatt
The new animated paper clip?
The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes H G Wells
I intend to publish an old sf or fantasy story every issue. This is one of Wells' lesser-known short stories.
(In this story, placing the cursor on an underlined word generates an Editor's pop-up annotation. If your browser is a bit sensitive about pop-ups, you may have to speak severely to it or you won't see them.)
Streaming Video Ian Thomas
I wasn't expecting to include any poetry in this magazine, but this short offering from Ian Thomas changed my mind.
A Sort of Editorial The Editor
An Editorial and a Cartoon

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