From The Editor

Gil Williamson

Editorial - Please do not read.

Now on to our third issue, we are gaining confidence that we are here to stay. However, to date, there is very little activity in the forum. I'd like to encourage everyone to pitch in there and stir up a few topics. If you are reading this, you are very likely to be a science fiction or fantasy fan. Let's have your opinions on your favourite authors, and your pet hates. I'll try to get the ball rolling with a few of the reviews I've written over the years.

Lets also get moving with some more artwork. I know we are a serious magazine, but there's room for more colour and graphics. Submissions gratefully received.

In that connection, Liam Baldwin again provides the cartoon. Thanks, Liam.

We hope you enjoyed (or are about to enjoy - if, like me, you tend to read things in the wrong order) this issue of the magazine. There is no peace for the wicked editor, though. No sooner has this edition hit the web, than it's time to start the next!

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