Current Prizes

Winners will select their prizes from this list, which will contain ten or more prizes, in no particular order. Obviously, multi-volume prizes count as a single prize.

At any issue, first come, first served.

Current list: (Click thumbnail for detailed image)

This is Not a Game by Walter Jon Williams. Orbit large format Paperback 2009. Condition as new
An ARG (Augmented Reality Game) gets out of hand.

Monkey Planet by Pierre Boulle. Penguin Paperback 1979. Condition Battered, foxed but intact and very readable
The origin of The Planet of the Apes

Beachheads in Space edited by August Derleth. 4square paperback 1964. Condition v. Good.
Excellent collection of early 60s sf.

Some Remarks by Neal Stephenson. Atlantic Books Paperback 2012. Condition as new.
Nineteen essays by the noted sf author, from 1993 to 2012.

Memory of Earth - Orson Scott Card - Legend large format Paperback 1992 294pp
The first volume of his Homecoming series.

Slow Man by J.M.Coetzee - Vintage BooksPaperback 2006 263pp
Troubling tale from a Nobel prize winner

Myst - The Book of Atrus - Hardback, 288 pages. 1st edition. Mint.
The fantasy back story for the Myst adventure games.

The Reproductive System - John Sladek - Mayflower Paperback 1970
Somewhat satirical story about the system that ate the world. Well-written.

The Night Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko. Arrow Books 2007. Paperback. Good condition.
Volume One of the Night Watch Trilogy.

The Grotesque by Patrick McGrath. Penguin Paperback 1990. Good condition.
Sinister, mysterious, modern gothic drama.

The Time of Infinity edited by August Derleth. Consul Books Paperback 1951. Old, foxed, but intact.
Short stories by A.E.van Vogt, Fletcher Pratt, Murray Leinster, Theodore Sturgeon and others

The Mammoth Book of Short SF Novels presented by Isaac Asimov. Robinson Publishing 1986. Very Good Condition.
Short Novels by Asimov, Philip José Farmer, Larry Niven and others. Novelettes, mostly from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

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